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About Us

The owners of the Joplin & Springfield Railway have enjoyed and allowed some smaller private groups use of the facilities for picnics and parties in addition to offering the free train rides.

Those who may want to explore this scenario should call Virgie at 417-866-6359 for preliminary discussions as to feasibility. Planners and event supervisor(s) must visit the site and determine if their planned activities are suitable for the site. The times that such events can be scheduled are limited.

Successful parties in the past have included groups of up to 80 children and adults. Adequate adult supervision is mandatory. All items such as blankets, tables, chairs, tents, and inflatable objects must be brought by the group and removed along with all trash upon completion. Rental of a Port-a-Potty is required from an outside vendor ("Gotts to Go" has charged about $75 per day for 1 toilet). The site only has well water from a hose and possibly a single 120V outlet.

Any publicity (except correspondence to group participants) is to be approved by the owners of the Joplin & Springfield Railway, in advance, and generally advertising flyers will not to be used as public advertisements. Private parties are intended to be special events for the benefit of the attendees and not public spectacles. We do not allow groups to use the facilities for fundraising or use the site to sell any merchandise. Photos are welcome provided they are used for non-commercial purposes.

Parking is limited, at times, due to farming operations. The use of off road powered vehicles is not permitted. Campfires are not permitted. Only non-alcoholic beverages are permitted. Well mannered dogs are welcome, but the laws applicable to the City of Springfield apply to the site. The site is near the Springfield Airport and there may be limitations for kite flying, model airplane flying, no ballon ascension and fireworks are not allowed ( City ord.) so be sure to disclose any intentions, if the group plans to use any such activities as part of their event.

Train operations require adult supervision and cooperation. Each round trip usually takes 20 to 25 minutes. The train is operated as a hobby by the owners and any invited guests or groups must understand that train operations are available only at times when the owner's are available to run the equipment and when the weather and equipment cooperate.

The Joplin & Springfield Railway is not a business and the owners do not guarantee any particular level of performance. Guests are required to follow safety rules and be courteous and respectful of the land and facilities. There are no fees or usage charges, the owners do no accept any gratuities, sell anything, or preach. All activities must be scheduled and approved in advance.

Joplin & Springfield Railway 
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