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About Us


8,183 free train rides in 2014


  Another Very Good Year


Numerous scheduled private party rides enjoyed

 good weather with happy faces and train rides


 4th of July---Public Rides, near maximum capacity—two fully loaded trains


Halloween celebration---- near maximum capacity--two beautiful weekends


In 2014 the Red and Green trains provided===over 8,183  free rides.

The crew of 3 on over 200 trips adds 600 for a total nearing 8,800

The trains provided over 17,000 seat miles of free travel


The cars look almost new with their new wheels, refinished seats and paint.

The two rebuilt locomotives also look new,  but they are about 40 yrs. old 


 The new gold "olga" electric inspection speeder is fun plaything for the owners.


 WE appreciate the U-TUBE movies that were posted.


The owners and staff appreciate the respect shown by our guests

 for courtesy, cleanliness and safety , and above all, We thank

Springfield Underground Inc. for the use of their land. 


 The riders saw the labor and artisanship of the helpers who helped

 build and set up the Halloween and July 4th Decorations.


The volunteer efforts of Captain Steve Burnett and Willard High School

 NJROTC were especially helpful and greatly appreciated.


Thanks to ALL of our volunteers, artists, artisans and helpers who work so that the

 "FREE" train rides can continue to be "FREE" 

Halloween Train Rides 10:00 am to 5:00 pm sat & sun Oct 24 & 25 2015 sat & sun
Oct 31 & Nov 1 2015 click here for more information